Madelyn loves being able to serve others, she loves bringing restoration to a look or working with her guest to create an entirely new one. Some see a great hair style as a small luxury in the grand scheme of life, but for Madelyn it’s much more than that. It’s a new perspective, it’s a fresh outlook, it’s a statement. It brings her much joy to be able to share that with her guests.

From a young age, Madelyn would give pigtails or braids to anyone who would let her, her mom, her neighbor, her sisters, even her American girl doll, but her desire to be in the beauty industry exploded during her first professional haircut. She received the impactful look of “straight across bangs” and it was in that moment that her eyes opened to the marvelous salon experience-The stylists around her conversing and creating with their guests. She knew right then and there that she needed to be a part of this industry.

Apart from her love of the beauty industry Madelyn enjoys being outdoors as much as the Pacific Northwest will allow. She enjoys reading, writing, plucking away at the banjo, and spending with her family and friends.

Madelyn’s work can be found on…
Facebook: Madelyn, Stylist at Salon Zuberenz
Instagram: @manesbymadelyn